Curiosity - Molly Moccasins, Albert Einstein and Your Child? Einstein prized curiosity above all else. He once said he had no real talents, other than a passionate curiosity that drove him to never stop questioning. Molly Moccasins shares the same kind of curiosity about the world.

The digital library filled with animated stories is not only fun, but also full of the wonder that comes from discovering the why of things. Why does camouflage exist in nature? Why are bees so important? Why are people so interesting? Children are naturally curious. They want to know and explore. It's how they build their knowledge and even their ability to solve problems creatively.

The Molly Moccasins book series offers stories and games that help motivate your child to have fun learning and being curious. Once children understand how to follow their passion for curiosity like Molly and Albert, the world's "secrets" will unfold before them.

Don't just take our word for it, or even Einstein's. Educational researchers agree, "That we take curiosity to be instrumental to and even essential for education, inquiry and knowledge is confirmed by the fact that teachers often prefer techniques of instruction that excite curiosity...Stimulating curiosity is central to education and learning." Schmitt FF, Lahroodi R. The epistemic value of curiosity. Educational Theory. 2008;8:125-48.

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